Traces in Action

‘Traces in Action’ was a research performance as part of Metropolis residency - Sensing the City, taking place at the harbour front in Nordhavn. Everyday paths and traces are created by our daily routines. ‘Traces in Action’ explores how objects can break those expected movements and how city landscape and the architectural choices affect the body actions. How does one decide to walk, turn, look and choose direction?

The harbour at Kalkbrænderiløbskajen used to be a meeting point for transportation and freight where many workers had their daily routines. Today the activity from trains and boats have been replaced by a construction zone building the future. This in between land is a platform and a playground for ‘Traces in Action’.

“I suggest that it is the physical act of moving our body through meaningful environments that unifies the senses, places and knowing and that brings together the local past into the present experience”. (Casey 1987)

Thanks to:
Dancers: Sarah Bostoen and Flora Eszter Sarlós
Performer: Anne Hollænder
Sound: Martha Fosberg
Photos and footage: Stine Emilie Fløe Dalby, Lucille Seguier and Walker Tufts