Open Studio – GlogauAIR

The work explores the interaction between humans and objects in relation to their surroundings and architecture.

Through performance and staged scenarios she researches how different landscapes and encounters affect or interrupt the action of the body. How does one decide to act, move and choose direction and which transferences will arise?

With a background in graphic design Mette works with repetitious motion, systems and graphic scores. She creates playful layouts that invite audience and passers to interact and participate by using physical props, tactile materials and sound.

A focus through Mette’s work is an interest in memory and movement and how this is layered information in our bodies. She works with constructing separate universes that occupy their own time and space and aims to challenge our everyday routines by creating a space for new paths and traces to happen.

At GlogauAIR Mette is more specifically working with pre-recorded material confronted with live movement. During Open Studios September 2021 she invites the audience to interact with her work and participate in her research on how we as humans/others/nonhumans are affected by coincidences and interruptions in the way we communicate and act in the world.