Everything in Life is Vibiration

Participatory performance workshop made in collaboration with Charity Be.

Everything in life is vibrating because of an electrical pulse formed by charged particles in motion. This electrical pulse surrounds planets, stars, galaxies and even our own bodies. Magnetic fields protect us, they also inform us.

These workshops are a space to playfully explore the attraction and repulsion qualities of magnetic fields within our bodies and between our body and those of others. Drawing from the science of physics, we use magnets to create an embodied experience.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Wearable magnetic bands for your arms and legs will be provided for the duration of the event. With these, we will explore how we move in different magnetic fields and how coincidences and chance interactions affect the way we interpret and experience movement.

These workshops were facilitated by artists Charity Be and Mette Sanggaard who met in residency here at GlogauAIR in July of 2021.